We are a California-based commercial Manufacturer of innovative precast concrete products

Universal Precast Concrete, Inc. is the only Western Region Precast Manufacturer to be certified by the Precast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute (PCI), the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), and CalTrans (California Department of Transportation, Office of Structural Materials).

For 25+ years we have provided large- and small-scale, affordable, sustainable architectural precast, utility products and site furnishings. We have enjoyed steady growth and have completed hundreds of projects with contractors, universities, cities, and counties, as well as state and federal clients.

Custom is our Specialty

Quality Construction, good service, Great value!

While we continue to offer many standard precast items including concrete picnic tables, benches, bollards, and other site furnishings, our niche has become the design and manufacture of custom precast items. We have an in-house design team that creates designs from photographs, renderings and other conceptual materials.

Our state-of-the art facility is located in Redding, California, where we create some of the most unique custom concrete products using CAD systems, molds and finishes.

We provide on time delivery, custom designs, and offer builders and developers an excellent one-stop shop.

Universal Precast Concrete offers a large variety of both standard and custom precast concrete products. Our technology allows us to make almost any item per customers’ specifications-there is really no limit to the variety of products we make. Many times contractors come to us with “cast in place” items that are just too difficult to make in the field. Our specialized, rapid molding technologies allow us to create those difficult and tricky items in a controlled environment ensuring the highest quality for the end product.

Manufacturing Plant in Redding, CA

Northern Sales Office

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Southern Sales Office

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Manufacturing Plant

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