Logos & Artwork

Universal Precast Concrete can offer the following options for installation of logos on our precast concrete items:

  • Cast-in Logos
    • These can be painted various colors or left unpainted.
    • Logo graphics are needed as “vector art” (Adobe Illustrator, CAD, or Corel Draw) format and can be provided to us or can be designed by our in-house design team. (Small art design fee may be charged)
    • We have a great number of fonts available for letters on the sign. Letter size can be any custom dimension, as specified by our customers.

    California State Parks Painted Logo:

      • HPL (High Pressure Laminate):
        • We could provide pricing for these laminated logos or they can be provided to us.

    City of Los Angeles Rec & Parks High Pressure Laminate Logo

        • Bronze / Metal Imbedded Items:
          • We can provide pricing for these items or they can be provided to us.

    Palace of Fine Arts Imbedded Bronze Logo:

Click here to download our PDF version of Logos & Artwork.